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Audio Sermons : Keith Daniel :  Finished with the World

 Finished with the World by Keith Daniel

Topic: Love Of The World
Scripture(s): Galatians 6:14, 1 John 2:15, James 4:4  
Description: There is something very potent and powerful about this message. Its one of Keith Daniels first visits to America and this message calls for a great consecration and call back to apostolic Chrisitanity in our daily practice. Are you finished with the world? Don't listen to this message unless you are willing to be impacted and changed in very powerul way.
Sermon Comments (6)

This message really helped me cut off the world ENTIRELY... Too many Christians still haven't completely let go of the world; hence why their lives are so powerless... Die fully, and then experience the fullness of God's Resurrection Power!

 Tremendous Message 
This message is powerful and truly brings a clear distinction of those that are of the Spirit of the world and he gives the call to separate from the world system and spirit taking the way of the cross. Oh may this message have its full impact and may many resign fully to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in this earth.

Stunning. Definitely a must-hear for anyone who wishes to leave the world behind him and run for your life towards Christ.

 Awesome Sermon 
This was a awesome sermon and convicting as well. I really like when he asked the question : "Are you crucified by the WORD or is the world still in your "heart"?" And also, "Not draw people to your "heart" but to God's heart". I always try to win the approval of people (man) as in Colossians 2:23-24. Last, but not least how he told the story of the TV was really true. We bring the world into our home without a thought of how much time we put into the world, dressing like the world, looking like the world, talking like the world and how this affects our younger generation (our children). The Lord said, in Romans 12:2 "Do not be conform to this world but be transformmed by renewing your mind, what is good and acceptable, and perfect, will of God". So take the world off and put on the armor of GOD by "anchoring" the word to your "heart". This is a must hear, everyone should listen to this sermon.

One of his BEST!

 A serious call to come out of the world 
This message is so timely and powerful. we must examine ourselves to see where we have let the world into our hearts. we are called to be set apart. I found this very convicting and challenging to make a change.

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