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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  Worthless Prayer Meetings

 Worthless Prayer Meetings by Paul Washer

Topic: Prayer Meeting
Scripture(s): Matthew 6:5-11  
Description: Paul Washer delivers some very practical and godly guidances for prayer meetings. And exhorts on the subject of prayer and spirituality with God. This is a powerful short exhortation.
Sermon Comments (4)

 What Truth 
What straight forward and blunt honest truth! I love to listen to mr. washers sermons because they always seem to convict. I spent over seven hours in a car today complaining about how God is so real, but yet manifests no power in my life. My marriage is failing and how i dont seem to understand why God wont asnwer my prayers. Now i find this message. Its as though God is saying open your eyes you blind fool, you know my word, impliment it. Its all for my glory, not for yours.

 Santa Praying 
Thank you Lord for this message. I so, so agree with Paul's message. Our prayers whether santa lists or genuine attempts to be a prayer meetings have often been full of worldy requests. We often do not pray as the Spirit leads. We can even start in the Spirit and finish the sentence in the flesh. We pray things that on the outward appearance seem good but were not inspired by the Spirit. Do we pray as slaves or do we pray as free men? Free men are led by the Spirit. I hope and pray that this message goes far and wide in the body of Christ.

 Prayer meetings 
Brother Paul hits the nail on the head "Its all about God." Prayer is talking to God. Can you really talk to God without coming into His presence? Are you aware of His presence? No? Never? How is it that you can even pray then? If you do not find Him on the throne, if you do not come before His throne, how is it that you can speak to Him? And if you are truly before the throne, wont you praise Him? Wont you cry out "My eyes have seen the King." Only that which flows from being in His presence, from being in "proximity," is worth saying. How much of men praying is men teaching other men? Sometimes I stand and listen and I wonder "is that person giving God a lecture, a lesson?" When we find Him at the throne then what comes out of our mouth is God inspired and so even what we say means that God gets all the glory........Frank

 Powerful exhoration 
What a powerful burdened word by brother Paul. My heart truly longs for more effectual prayer meetings amongst the saints of God.

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