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Audio Sermons : Keith Daniel :  Book of James

 Book of James by Keith Daniel

Topic: Bible Reading
Scripture(s): James 4:5  
Description: The sermon starts off with a reading of the entire book of James. Keith Daniel focuses mostly on one verse that he considers the heart beat of this entire epistle, James 4:5. Surely God is a jealous God for His people in our day; hear His call.
Sermon Comments (3)

 remember when you were real with God? 
What a powerful sermon that gets us to re-examine our position with our Creator, when it comes to our quite time and our quality time and the Zeal we had to spend every minute putting God first in our life. That at one time we were real with God.

 Wonderful message! 
An inspiring message that opens the door to drawing near to God.

The sermon does not start off with a reading of the entire book of James. The preacher, Keith Daniel, starts off by quoting the entire book of James, having memorized it word for word. Keith Daniel has memorized massive parts of the Bible. For example, this weekend (Oct. 5, 2005), I heard him preach in Missouri at the Maranatha Baptist Church camp on Daniel 6. In preparation for the sermon, he memorized the entire chapter. On Thursday night he preached on Genesis 1. Again he had memorized the entire chapter. It is one thing listening to a preacher reading from the Bible that God said, "Let there be lights in the firmanent..." It is an entirely different and powerful experience listening to a preacher quoting the entire chapter from memory.

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