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Audio Sermons : Keith Daniel :  Sermon on the Mount

 Sermon on the Mount by Keith Daniel

Topic: Commands Of Christ
Scripture(s): Matthew 5-7  
Description: Keith Daniel preaches this convicting message in america and its not a sermon to a local congregation but its God given aim is to the entire body of Christ in North America. He reads the entire Sermon on the mount and then focuses soley on the verse Matthew 5:13 which he believes would be the verse that Christ would want to bring to his church in our day. He gives the direct call for us to become the salt in the earth once again. You will [b]not[/b] be the same again after you hear this message, harden not your hearts.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Great Text Reading, Solid Message 
As the description says, Bro. Daniel reads the entire Sermon on the Mount before beginning to preach. His reading is very passionate and worth listening to. It was pretty amazing the way he transitioned into his reading as well. The reading takes about 22 minutes. Then he basically calls the Church to live again the heart of the Sermon on the Mount. It's a call to get back to the basics of Christianity, and when we do, revival will come. The message is almost a condensed vocal expression of the spiritual classic by Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Studies on the Sermon on the Mount. For some reason I found the pre-and post-preaching banter very hard to listen to.

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