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 Resist The Devil by Mark Greening

Topic: Spiritual Warfare
Scripture(s): James 4:7  
Description: Mark Greening shares on spiritual warfare and resisting the work of the devil in Christian life. He debunks some of the false concepts of spiritual warfare that have crept in the Church and shows how the Church has departed from scripture in this area.
Sermon Comments (4)

Does ANYONE know where this man's ministry is located? I need to go there!!

 Cart before the horse 
I listened to the entire sermon and thought it was very good. I did have an issue that I thought he put the cart before the horse. It's my humble opinion that we need to first know and understand what it really means to submit ourselves to God in order to have the wisdom to resist the Devil. So if I was sitting in his congregation and he began with resisting the Devil, I would be saying to myself the whole time...How do I first submit to God? That is the first condition we need to meet in order for the Devil to flee from us. Discipliship is the least talked about subject so far in my experience. We are so bent on making converts and getting bigger numbers in our churches, but how many are Disciples? I've been a convert for over 20 years and now just in the last two I've just begun to understand I've missed the boat in what it really means to be a Disciple of Jesus. Lord knows I have a long way to go...but like Mr. Greening says...the truth will set you free. I will

 Much Needed Clarity 
"Resist the Devil" is a good sermon, people, and it brings much-needed clarity to the subject of spiritual warfare (a topic I myself have been confused by). For example, there is a prominent teaching in books such as Wild at Heart that Christ gives us the authority to "bind the devil" when Satan shows up. Mark Greening explains that simply isn't true. "If that's true," says Mark Greening, "then let's call a Wednesday night prayer meeting this Wednesday when we pray, everyone of you come out, and we'll all together now, in one accord, we're gonna bind Satan, and in one fell swoop we're gonna deal with Him and get rid of him and do us and all the other churches a favor 'cause we'll bind him. Folks, we have no authority to do that!" What we are given authority to do is to resist the devil, as directed by Scripture.

 Powerful Message 
Clear scriptural exhortation! Oh that we would just simply listen to the scripture and allow the Holy Spirit of God to apply it to our hearts. Truth diffuses error.

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