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Audio Sermons : J. Edwin Orr :  The Role Of Prayer In Spiritual Awakening

 The Role Of Prayer In Spiritual Awakening by J. Edwin Orr

Topic: Spiritual Awakening
Scripture(s): 2 Chronicles 7:14  
Description: This is one of Dr. Orr's most well-known messages on Revival and Prayer. This is a must hear message and is very short and to the point. It was spoken before a Campus Crusade for Christ fellowship or gathering. The many years of J. Edwin Orr's ministry and burden for revival really show through in this small sermon on the role of revival and prayer in God's awakening of the redeemed and saving of the lost.
Sermon Comments (9)

 A good grasp of what should be but is not the obvious. 
Any serious historical review of any revival move should expose the entering argument to successful revival(prayer). We cannot argue a lack of resources to accomplish the review, every fellowship has numerous persons who are computer literate, and biblically literate, only a lack of devotion can explain why we don't discover the key. Maybe even a trip to a convalescent center to visit an aged clergy would expose us to the key? Aged clergy, men who have toiled in the harvest field of God, are not unsure of how to get revival. Yet we do not get revival. Why? No one wants to spend the time in prayer that is required to persuade God that we really want His outpoured Spirit. I don't want to make anyone mad, but few will spend two weeks praying and fasting for a revival. That didn't used to be the case.

 Encouraging and Edifying Message 
This message has encouraged me as well as convicted me to become much more diligent with my prayer life. I have always known in my head that prayerlessness is a serious problem, but it hit me during this sermon that it is the greatest hindrance to seeing millions come to the Lord. It's also inspiring to see how real revival was in the 18th and 19th century and that it is quite possible in our days, no matter how far off it seems to us. I pray for a revival among the young people in America so we can be a flame of fire for Christ in these last days.

 On Revival  
Taking a 60's slang word to "turn on," A brother in Christ "turn me on" to J Edwin Orr about five years ago. Since then I have virtually listened to all 38 of his messages at least 10 times or more. My regret is that I was not around when he taught to see and hear Orr in person, but from what I've gleaned he was one of the best authors on Revival when it comes to the History of Revivals. He is thorough, and concise. I appreciate his labors for they have made it clear to me what I can look for in a real Revival. We should be looking for the kind of revival that he discovered through his research if we're to see a change in the world. I like his observation about Prayer. For he concludes that it's prayer that brought down the outpouring and blessing from God. Secondly) the work of the Holy Spirit in times of revival. As J Edwin Orr points out, the Holy Spirit plays a significant role by recruiting men & women into a lifetime of service for God's kingdom. As I loo

 I pray for Revival 
I see the effect of prayer on the world and so I will be praying for revival In The U.S.A.. Dr Orr's word for prayer to God for him to here us enables God to do great work for humanity. The times are tough and the people need to ask God for our revival and not the unbelievers.

 Hope in Him 
They said, “....too far gone to ever be redeemed....” Oh Father, when there was not one who was righteous, we were not too far gone for You. Your righteousness .... Lord, set us ALL to prayer!

 Encouraging message 
I was encouraged to continue praying for revival. It is interesting to note that America has had other dark times, but God always had a praying remnant. Let's all join together for another great awakening, otherwise we perish as a nation of any substance. I am not over stating the case in my opinion.

 The role of prayer in Spiritual Awakening 
I am incouraged! This will be taken to heart by those seeking revival in their own hearts and then will be spread to others.

 What a Wonderful Message 
I pray that this message opens the hearts of God's people.

 Oh for revival praying! 
Such a great exhoration and teaching of revival history! Oh why do we not pray and wait on God saints? why!

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