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 Are You Safe From God? by Tim Conway

Topic: Character Of God
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 Revelation of God in Judgement 
This message embodies pauls enduring cry to behold the Goodness and severity of God(Romans 11:22) We must come to a proper view of who God is it is essential to proper Gospel preaching. Tim Conway embarks an a timely adventure to help the saint and sinner conceive a proper view of this transcendent God who is AWESOME and as the bible says AWFUL: which means to leave one in awe of who he really is. This message will give you an understanding that we serve a Holy God who cannot look on or approve of sin. If its one thing that you Get from this message it is this point. That Satan will not be your problem on Judgement day, Standing before a HOLY God in the soiled garments of sin and depravity will be your most dreadful problem (Revelation 20). Please listen to this and think on these strong words by Tim Conway. May God win the lost by his power by this strong word from Mr Conway.

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