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 The Source of Sinning by Aaron Dunlop

Topic: Sin
Scripture(s): 1 John 3:8  
Description: In Vs. 8 John deals with the source of habitual sin, in particular from the perspective of man, as the practitioner of sin. Man is responsible for sin. There is a trend today in modern charismatic circles to exorcise Satan when sin appears in the life; sin is attributed entirely to Satan as though man was the helpless victim. This trend diminishes the doctrine of Total Depravity and also the responsibility of man for his own actions. John does not regard sin as the devil working through the individual, but as the individual working for the devil and in his sin representing the devil. Sin is not a mere infirmity; it is not merely an imposition of Satan on us. John is emphasising that habitual sin is wilful lawlessness against God (Vs. 4) and the man who continues to sin is not at liberty to say ‘the devil made me do it' by direct involvement.
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