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 The Sin of Sinning by Aaron Dunlop

Topic: Sin
Scripture(s): 1 John 3:4-10  
Description: In this difficult and often misunderstood passage John is considering the seriousness of continuing in sin. The outline of the passage: Originating with Satan (Vs. 8) and practiced by men (Vs. 4, 6-10) sin is lawlessness against God (Vs. 4). Christ came to take away sin (Vs. 5) and destroy the work of the devil (Vs. 8). The logical conclusion is that whoever is born of God (Vs. 9) and consequently abides in Him (Vs. 6) does not go on sinning and whoever does go on sinning has not seen God and has not known him (V. 6); he is not of God (Vs. 10).
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