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Audio Sermons : Bill McLeod :  A Tragic Discrepancy

 A Tragic Discrepancy by Bill McLeod

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 Why Don't We Have What is Promised? 
The Bible promises rivers of living water, what is wrong if we don't have it? Why aren't we knocking on heaven's door to found out why we don't have the promises?

 Another pertinent message by Mr. McLeod 
If you want to compare your life to the Scriptures, this is a good message to listen to. Mr. McLeod encourages us to ask what did the Lord really promise and to line our lives up with what the Bible says. He explains that we have been subnormal for so long when the normal comes it seems abnormal. As in most of his messages Mr. McLeod quotes many good promises and shares testimonies or gives historical examples. In this message he shares Scriptures related to the abundant life, victorious Christian living and the Holy Spirit among others.

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