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Audio Sermons : Bill McLeod :  Recognizing And Dealing With Occult Involvement

 Recognizing And Dealing With Occult Involvement by Bill McLeod

Topic: Occult
Scripture(s): James 4:8, Deuteronomy 18:9-13  
Description: Bill Mcleod clearly deals with the subject of the occult in this message. He exposes much of the practices that Christians are involved in and shows how to get biblical deliverance. This is a great message to burn and hand out to those you feel could be involved in any areas of occult.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Teaching from experience 
McLeod gives some good foundational teaching on demons (primarily on how a demon gains entrance into the life of a believer)... Christians can have demons! ... McLeod doesn't just teach from scriptures. He also tells quite a few stories about his experiences with demonized people and how he cast them out... For more good teaching on Demons, listen to 'Derek Prince'.

 Don't Take Occult Practices Lightly! 
This is an anointed preacher who preachers from experience. This is the first time I have heard one of his sermons and will be listening to all of his sermons because the presence of God is on his sermons. He says not to take the occult lightly which many do. I was very surprised by the story of a group of girls who swung a needle at the end of the thread to find out if someone was having a girl or boy baby and how the Lord opened the eyes of one of the Christian girls to see a demon manipulating the string and needle. It just puts fear in my heart to fear God and not to participate in any such seemingly innocent practices which originate in the occult.

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