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Audio Sermons : Bill McLeod :  Dealing With Spiritual Pride

 Dealing With Spiritual Pride by Bill McLeod

Topic: Pride
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (3)

 A God Who Stoops 
God has to stoop to behold the things of earth. He also has to stoop to behold the things of heaven. Men are like grass. They are like the dust on a balance-scale that cannot even be weighed. And yet we have pride! Excellent sermon of teaching us to be humble.

 Puts you in your place 
Bill McLeod has a way of putting you in your place and bringing you to reality. Pride is insanity in light of the reality of God. This would be a good sermon to listen to every year or so to keep things in perspective.

What a profound blessing! The Lord has been exposing and dealing with pride in my life lately and brought me to this message as part of that work. Brother Bill brings forth excellent Scripture that point out the real condition of man and the amazing immensity and glory of God. How beautifully humbling to hear. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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