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Audio Sermons : Bill McLeod :  Are You Ready For Christ's Return

 Are You Ready For Christ's Return by Bill McLeod

Topic: Second Coming
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 Gun laws in U.S.A. and fairly good sermon 
I think this sermon is fairly good about being ready for the coming of Jesus, but I must correct this good brother about the laws he spoke of in florida and the carry permits. I am a firm beleiver in the right to own guns for self defense in the U.S., I own three. But florida never passed any law that people must have a handgun in there home. They passed a law that said you could shoot anyone that was on your property and causing trouble. That was to protect some farmers that lived out in the boon docks that were being robbed alot but could shoot anyone that wasn't inside there house, but they were being robbed outside, so they had almost no defense. And it did cut way down on the robberies in florida. There was a town somewhere here in the U.S. that tried to pass a law requiring that everyone had to have a gun in there home but it didn't last long because of so many legal problems with the law. The carry permits are now in most states of the U.S. and it does cut down on crime, but t

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