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Audio Sermons : Keith Daniel :  (2008 USA Tour) Preachers In The Last Days!

 (2008 USA Tour) Preachers In The Last Days! by Keith Daniel

Scripture(s): Matthew 24:1-14  
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (3)

 too distracting 
I would have loved to hear the message all the way through, but found the slapping and pounding on something too distracting. Also, the repititious delivery made it hard to stay focused. I mean no disrespect to this man of God, I simply had a difficult time following along due to the aforementioned annoyances.

 It was a good sermon but... 
It was a good sermon of what I could hear of it. At times he whispered, and then he spoke at times, then raised his voice loudly, then hit the pulpit with his hand it sounded like. I wouldn't say it was passion, it's just his way of preaching. After awhile it got to be a bit too much and just decided to stop playing with the volume and just gathered what I could from it. The little of what I got from it seemed to be real good.

 The great need 
I have been praying for revival in the ministry, that those who simply need to repent should do so; those who need to re-commit to their calling would do so; and those who are discouraged would be uplifted by God. This message should be heard by ALL ministers today! I am encouraged and thankful for this message (I am just a hungry layman)

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