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 Psalm 22 by Ron Bailey

Topic: Messiah
Scripture(s): Psalm 22  
Description: An exposition of the ¬Ďtestimony of Jesus¬í in this messianic psalm. His sufferings and the glories that followed. Christ¬ís dereliction and the triumphant confidence that the Father had ¬Ďheard¬í.
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 The Cross- Gods Answer to Evil 
This message exposes the evil that exists in man which entered into the human race through the fall.Although there are many gems of revelation ultimately the message is not to just satisfy the theological enquiring mind. The teacher,through The Holy Spirit aims to reveal that this evil exist in every human heart and yet gives God's answer- evil defeated at The Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and made real to our hearts through regeneration (new birth).A message of the depravity of man & of hope through the power of Jesus Christ

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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