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 Last Revival by Jacob Prasch

Topic: Revival
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Sermon Comments (3)

 Much needed 
This is a message that needs to be heard throughout our bible believing churches today--especially in the west where we are so opt to trust in our skills and resources. We have become blind to the wretched state in many of our churches today. It is time for repentance and seeing God as he is that we may be humbled and walk rightly before Him. Let us all pray for the revival Mr. Prasch so passionately speaks of.

I must echo the previous reviewer: "WOW." This is one of those must hear sermons that should be listened to from both sides of the pulpit. My prayer is that everyone that hear this message make an HONEST appraisal of their own situation. We are all going to be held accountable!

 Revival begins by tearing down. 
WOW. Don't hear preaching like this anymore. Now this is anointed preaching. The tickling ears arn't going to like it though. Until the church is willing to tear down all the wrong teachings and compromises no revival is to take place. Only false revival. Truly a much needed word for the church. Lord help us.

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