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Audio Sermons : ~Other Speakers M-R : Revival Conference Atlanta 2008 :  Revival According to John by Denny Kenaston

 Revival According to John by Denny Kenaston by Revival Conference Atlanta 2008

Topic: Revival Conference
Scripture(s): 1 John  
Description: Revival is Christ is the central message of Denny Kenaston's sermon, "Revival According to John," delivered October 23, 2008 at the Atlanta Revival Conference. After hearing Paul Washer's "Ten Indictments," I wondered what God would have me do, and Denny delivered God's suggestions, taken from the apostle John's first letter. In a dynamic, interesting, and thought-provoking manner, Denny defines revival, and illustrates how revival should be our normal experience. "Ten Indictments" and "Revival According to John" are two very powerful words needed in our church today, and as the apostle Paul and the early church father James stand back to back and look at both sides of faith and works, Paul Washer and Denny Kenaston give us a divinely-balanced approach to understanding the revival and reformation God desires in His people today.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Solid and Stirring 
Do give this a listen. Some rousing challenges are made as well as fresh insights into familiar scriptures given. Very edifying and inspiring.

 Oh, God Change Me!! 
God is Light and in Him is no darkness, no, no darkness at all! Amen! Brother Denny asked if, as one who calls themselves "Christian" do you want God to change you? The resounding answer in my heart is "YES!", that is my hearts prayer, and the message that Bro. Denny preached was my heart expressed yet often quelled beneath my own stubborn way. I believe that it is one of the most important messages for the present day Christian to hear. Bro. Denny's points of revival were absolutely right on target!

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