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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  Ten Indictments Against The Modern Church

 Ten Indictments Against The Modern Church by Paul Washer

Description: Preached Wednesday, October 22nd at the Revival Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Paul Washer delivers a urgent appeal to the Christians and Churches in North America that many have been believing a false gospel and have false assurance of their salvation. He lists 10 indictments against the modern Church system in America. This is a historical urgent message, tell others and spread the message. We need a reformation and revival of a biblical standard!
Sermon Comments (43)

 Don't Ask Jesus into your Heart, REPENT instead! 
Truly an indictment of "the sinners prayer" and "God's Wonderful Plan" preaching. My own experience shows I said a prayer when I was 12. And YEARS later at 33 I was born again because someone took the time to PREACH THE GOSPEL to me. WOW I was mad at him for that at first.But HalleluYah God had worked the Truth anyway. Years after I was preaching at Battery Park and a young man asked to be lead in prayer to receive Christ and I STOPPED him when I saw NO CONVICTION. I stopped that young man and ordered him home saying, "FALL TO YOUR KNEES at home, READ Psalm 95 and MAKE THAT your prayer!" It was men like Paul that showed me my heinous sin at living like the devil and thinking I was a Christian. I had to be BUSTED and BROKEN to hear the Truth but thanks be to GOD ALMIGHTY He didn;t give up on me. Go and PREACH like THAT young men. LIKE THAT. Thank you Jesus, and thanks for your courage to speak the Truth Paul. Patrick J Burwell, Ministries Response@OnlyJesusSav

 Don't be fooled 
I wonder why Paul started quoting Jeremiah 9:24 and stopped halfway through??? Is it because he wants his listeners to think he knows more about God than they do or can??? He holds to a dangerous Calvinistic view of our mighty God.. If he would of finished the verse God would of told you that He is a God of steadfast love,justice and righteousness and in these things He delights.Check out Calvinism! Especially the U-L-I in TULIP and see if you see any steadfast love,justice and righteousness there????? Read about John Calvin's life and see if it resembles more of Adolph Hitler than Jesus Christ's life??? Read your Bible! Abide in Jesus Christ and listen and obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit.......

 "Its a fearful thing to land in the hands of the Living GOD" 
Mathew 7 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ The Law{Law of Moses} Depicts nature the character of the HOLY, HOLY, HOLY GOD we serve, without repentance Ye shall all likewise perish JESUS said in Luke 13;3-5. Repentance towards GOD and trust in the righteousness of CHRIST; FOr riches profit not in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death. Seek ye the Lord while he may be found and call upon HIM while HE is near, for PAUL said I did not preaching the whole counsel of GOD unto you, so my hands are clean; whole counsel= The LAW, Sin, Judgement, HELL, and then when humble and contrite we preach the Everlasting Gospel..amen

 God Help Us ALL!!!  
If you are serious about wanting to be Christ-like, then you must listen to this!!! Unless you are unbelievably blessed you will not hear preaching like THIS in your local assembly. No Conversion, No Regeneration, No Church Discipline, No Submission, No Brokenness, No Separation, No Sanctification, yet we call ourselves CHRISTians???!!! No Growth in Holiness, then God is not working in your life, if God is not working in your life then you are not a child of God. Loving Discipline and Correction of God to bring us into deeper Holiness!!! If God has your heart, HE will have your Body!! BRING EVERYTHING in your life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ!!!

insane sermon. couldn't have been done better.

 Thank you Lord for this sermon 
This is a powerful sermon... I love soulwinning and I realized that most of the souls I've "won" to Christ are still lost and I have a lot of friends professing themselves Christians but they themselves are lost. With this sermon, I've learned that I MUST FOCUS on REPENTANCE. I've used Sinner's prayer a lot and the saddest thing is most of the people whom I talked to and with never did change. After a lot of study, Sinner's prayer is only applicable when 1. They are really down on their faces for repentance. 2. They will be the one saying it IN SECRET WHERE ONLY THE SINNER AND GOD HAVE THEIR TIME and it must come from their broken sinning hearts. I've realized that we must not lead them to a prayer but to repenting. By the way... This sermon broke my young foolish heart and the Spirit of God blew at my FACE... When it came to the regeneration part, I did weep because of what he said about the sinner's prayer. I had a lot of people brought to this prayer but not to repentin

 A must listen 
for any Christian who is serious about following God.

 It's About Time 
It's about time someone has been lead to begin openly preaching what so many have been saying. It looks like I'm a bit late, never having heard of Paul Washer until today, but what a blessing!! Even as I try to be a close disciple, the Holy Spirit, through brother Paul, has brought me to a new awareness of how really shallow, self-serving, and pathetic my commitment to Christ really is. Having been shown that, I certainly do not have any right judging the church in America. How do we bring this message to others without appearing self righteous. Pray the Spirit will teach us how to be loving affective. Michael

 The Greatest Sermon of the 21st Century 
Since about January 2009, I have listened to around 100 messages on my Ipod thanks to this wonderful website of grace. Of every message, except for two preached in the 20th century ("Ten Shekels and a Shirt" by Paris Reidhead and "Where is the Fire" by Leonard Ravenhill) this is the grandest and greatest message I have ever heard. In context of America and Britain, it is right on. It convicted me, it challenged me and it has entirely changed my views, especially that of Regeneration. I have listened to this message five times and I hope to listen to it again sometime. This is a desperate, desperate plea from a very powerful preacher and a very blessed man whom God has shot through with the true understanding of who He is and how utterly pathetic so much of American and British Christianity is in the light of that. I urge you to listen and re-listen to this superb feast. There are truths in this sermon which can begin to transform your entire theology of God in just two hours.

I just finished listening to Ten indictments against the modern church in my study at home. I was broken. This truth has haunted me for a long time. That I have been guilty of producing "unconverted" converts. I have pastored in the same location for fifteen years. I see people come and go. I wonder why we can't keep them or get them to come back. I will listen many times to try to repair that which is broken.With Gods help I will change. I am a grateful pastor who needed to hear this message.

 a must hear for anyone 
This sermon is very very good. He hits everything right on the point on all the subjects he takes to task. You can tell he is so close to the lord that the lord has revealed this to him and his interpretations on scripture our right on, that is why i like listening to him. The holy spirit is in his sermons so much, especially this one. i recommend everyone spread this message to everyone they can, people need to be convicted of their sins and paul washer might be the man God uses to bring people to christ, people our listening to too many people like joel osteen, t.d jakes and others and have no idea what their missing , it is sad actually, that people like this and messages like this our not more known, real sad. I recmmend everyone also to not be fearful to speak truth, even if you will be hated.

 wonderful sermon 
A wonderful, sincere sermon that should speak to every heart!

I am a 'regular' church attender. I am of the Wesleyan/Armenian persuasion. I attend my own church, many Revivals, and every camp I can. We hear "Old Fashion Preaching" in just about every service. Soooooooo, how could I POSSIBLY be endorsing 'one of those Calvinist Preachers?" EASY. This man is TRULY a "VESSEL OF HONOR" (See 1611 King James Version 2 Timothy 2:20). I've been in my church movement 50+ years and I've SEEN FIRST HAND THE DEADLY, DAMNABLE, DEVILISH HUMANISTIC SLUDGE AND FILTH creeping into OUR movement ever so slowly BUT steadily. REV. PAUL WASHER addresses it BETTER than any man I've heard this year in THIS message. GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER PAUL. Continue to grow in Grace, and God Bless Your COURAGE. Don Ginter, Chillicothe, Ohio, USA.

 please make time to listen to this important message to the Chruch 
We need to listen to the truth here.

 Response to "I'm Confused" 
Thumbs up for Paul Washer. A zealous heart and sound theology are many times hard to find operating together in a minister, Mr. Washer appears to have both. In response to "I'm Confused", as a believer in the Doctrines of Grace, I, like Mr. Washer, believe that we must preach the gospel message to everyone, and we must do it with boldness and compassion, seeking that all should turn to God and be saved. Yet we also realize that, in man's "total depravity", no man will desire to seek God or repent of sin, unless, by the grace of God, the Lord should grant him the ability and desire to repent. Some hearers, by God's grace, will be changed by the gospel unto salvation, while "to those who are perishing" it will sound like foolishness. I hope this helps some.

 Wake up O Sleepers 
Paul Washer has a wonderful heart for the Church of Jesus. The problem with most of what we refer to as the church in America is that it is not the church. He is right in his understanding of the remanent but no place in the scriptures does it ever imply the true believers in a church will be out-numbered by the unbelievers.That would be a building full of religious people.We have always been instructed to "cast out the immoral", and "there should not even be a hint of sexual imorality". That is the problem with what is the visible church. Wake up lambs, his sheep follow his voice not some hired hand. If you haven't noticed, many believers have left and continue to leave the unbiblical environment of churchianity to follwo the master shephard. I am thankful for Paul having the heart to speak the truth but the reality is - Jesus came in a manger,( most missed it)He went by on a donkey,(most missed it) and his Bride is not going ot be some giant flashy, multimedia,worldly monster.(m

 Thank You Greg! 
Ty so much for sharing this. What a blessing this was. I listen to the whole sermon now I am off to read. I want to hear something again but I need to eat. it is 12:22 and I have not eaten anything for my body. thanks again for the share. It's time to pray, pray pray!

 Response to turn2him1 
Paul Washer is a calvinist. I believe He just doesn't use the term to label himself because of the academic/intellectual baggage it holds (notice how instead he chose to call himself a 5 point spurgeonist). Many calvinists do not believe in infant baptism. Infant baptism is not even a requirement to be a reformed believer. If any one person adheres to the absolute sovereignty of God and the doctrines of grace (TULIP), that person is a calvinist.

 Response to Prespilot. 
This is what Paul Washer has preached on his beliefs concerning regeneration. That repentance and faith are results of God's grace. Therefore it is God who gives us the grace to be ABLE to repent and believe, which also means that repentance and grace are not means of which to be saved but in fact the result and fruit of salvation. Yet God commands that every man repent and believe. And because John the baptist preached it, Christ preached it and the bible preaches it, Paul Washer preaches it. The gospel is to be preached to all even though only some will believe. Men will believe as a result of hearing the gospel, but not only because of that but that also the holy spirit worked through the foolishness of preaching and changed the heart of a man. This is referred to as being born again. When God changes our hearts. He uses his word and his gospel as a means to prepare the heart and plow the heart and transform a wicked stony heart into one of flesh that sees, hears, and believes. Pau

 to "Im Confused 
The essence in your confusion is not inconsistencies in Paul's teaching and theology. The problem is your understanding of "calvinism". first of all Paul Washer is not a Calvinist, because he does not agree with infant baptism. so to in order to be conversant with the subject it is only the "doctrines of Grace" or "Tulip" that Paul Washer would believe from scripture. The last point of Tulip is "Perseverance of the saints" this is not simply getting to heaven but also our actions in this life, such as repentance and faith. What you are referring to is hyper calvinism which denies man's responsibility. Biblical doctrines of Grace holds man responsible for every choice he makes and God sovereign at the same time. This is in no way a total account just some food for thought I hope this helps. I am sure it is inadequate but I tried.

 I'm Confused?? 
OK - I agree with pretty much everything Paul Washer has to say here. I agree that men and women need to fall facedown before God and turn from their own wickedness and turn to our Lord Jesus Christ. However, here is the confusion I have with Paul Washer. Many of us know that Paul Washer is a Calvinist. As a result, Paul Washer adheres to the beleif of Mongerism. This is the beleif that any and all repentance is not any part of man's responsibility but solely of God (this is a result of the belief in Total Depravity). If a man were to repent this would be considered a "work" and we all know how much Calvinist hate "works". The funny thing is Paul is preaching like he wants and expects men to repent as a result of hearing the gospel message (even the very message he's preaching here). He preaches as if he expects men to turn and repent. This is were I get really confused with Mr. Washer. On one hand he preaches with such great intensity and ferver and yet it seems his ve

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Greg, and others, for breaking this down into other formats as well. I'm especially grateful for this awesome manuscript I can print out and mark up. THANK YOU, brethren!!!

 A Recovery of the Old Gospel 
Let us thank God for bringing this message in this crisis hour. Paul Washer preaches the Old Gospel that Edwards, Whitefield, and Spurgeon preached. Brethren, this is Revival God's Way. I highly recommend Rolfe Barnard's message "Recovery of the Gospel" as a follow up to this sermon.

 Worth the Listen 
Well worth the listen! Don't let the length stop you from listening, you will be missing out on something good.

 Professional Manuscript of Ten Indicments!!! 
Here is a link to a Professional Manuscript of 10 Indictments:

 Waht the Spirit saith unto the churches 
many see this as a wake up call to "the church"...but it goes much deeper than that. As did Moses after Sinai, the Lord has drawn a line in the sand and said, "Who is on the Lord's side". This struck a deep chord in my heart. I find after the third listening that I am reeling and crying out to the Lord...Not for the 'institution" to be reformed or to become something more but for the bride to make herself ready...for us to be robed in white. But if the church is us...indstead of some meeting, organization or Christian religious, then each of us must seek the Lord and repent. I must confess that the "fear of God" has returned to my life. I thought I was committed but like the dry bones in Ezekiel I needed to be brought back to life.

 Correction and encouragement 
This message is not just for correction. It’s for encouragement too. E-mailing this link, I felt like I was rushing food to dear ones in a concentration camp (faithful laboring pastors and believers sprinkled everywhere that so long for encouragement and care). I doubt is possible to hear this and not respond, one way or another on these sticking points. Would that be anointed clarity? I believe this will affect the Body of Christ and therefore whatever country/place in which it is heard.

Amen! Amen! Amen! and Amen!

 The Carnal Churchman has not the knowledge of God 
Was Paul creating a Carnal Christian definition here? What does Paul say? “I could not speak unto you as unto spiritual but as CARNAL, as BABES in Christ. So, are we to understand that CARNAL equals BABES in Christ or are these similar but not equal? Can one be a BABE in Christ and not carnal? YES! Can one be CARNAL and a BABE in Christ? YES! Can one be CARNAL and not a BABE in Christ? YES…if you are not saved. When Paul says he had to FEED THEM MILK…was he talking about BABES in Christ? WHEN Paul fed them the milk of the word they were THEN only BABES in Christ…he expected them to have matured beyond the infant formula but that was NOT the case. He writes back to them and says… “neither yet now are ye able.” They were not yet able to feed off of anything but infant formula and for this they are REBUKED! 1 Cor 3:3 For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men? They walked as m

 Carnal Christian 
I believe this link gives a decent explanation of the so called "carnal christian" and what Paul Washer was implying.

 A Word from the LORD 
I was able to attend the meeting for this message last minute (I looked around for you, Greg, but didn't have time to find you). For me, I felt as if I was present for a pivotal moment. Whether or not we who heard this message respond will determine future movements of God in our area. I am guilty of not making my family my first ministry, and he pointed that out. I was in agreement with everything he said; and have been thinking and saying these things for years but only got strange looks or replies most of the time. BTW, he didn't say that there were no carnal Christians, he said that we have created the "Carnal Christian Doctrine" concerning people who are not saved in our membership; in other words we are making excused for the lost. I hope Paul stays in touch with God and preaches into his latter years just like the giants of the faith. What a breath of fresh air to see so many Christians agreeing on these things!

 WoW and Whoa! 
Let me first say that I believe Brother Paul Washer is a man of God and loves the Lord. I also without a doubt can tell that he is passionate about the Lord and His work. Yes, I too had my socks knocked off and my feet stepped on during the message on Wednesday night. Much of what he said was true and truly biblical. Some of what he said was NOT biblically accurate. Like What? One does not have to search very far in the Apostle Paul's writings especially to the CHURCH at Corinth to see that genuine believers were clearly "carnal". To say that there is no such thing as a carnal Christian is simply inaccurate. - WRONG! I have pastored for almost 25 years in three different churches - and I KNOW scripturally and experiencially that the churches in America which are truly Christian have many carnal Christians. Yes, they need to grow up and quit sucking their thumbs. I personally long for revival in my own life and the life of the church I pastor. Our church viewed the webcast

SILENT before a Holy God. May He be merciful to me...a wretched sinner.

All I can say is "WOW", what a powerful and Truthful word about the difference between "carnal" Christians and those who truly are THE CHURCH. Because brother Washer is telling people that many local churches are filled with GOATS and are being controlled by GOATS, it is not hard to understand why he is not being asked back to these same churches a second time. His words are stinging, yet very needful for many to hear in Western Christianity. I wanted to cry when he was speaking about Pastors being held accountable for the mess they have allowed in regards to the people (sheep) entrusted to them. I wanted to cry, not just for the sheep who are hurting/hungry etc, now, but for the Pastors who will stand before the Lord someday in utter grief at what they allowed with God's "talents" entrusted to them. It is a sobering thing for all of us to ponder in regards to those things the Lord has entrusted to each one of us. This is definitely one message/sermon that I will pass on

 In a compilation of previous Washer's messages in one! I'm still digesting this! 
I've become sort of a close follower of the messages God put into brother Paul and this felt like a little bit of everything!, I highly encouraged believers as well as non-believers to listen to this 2 hour message, I saw it online and it was terrific! almost 500 online viewers!, praise God for SermonIndex and Paul Washer.

His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Isaiah 56:10 Dumb means stupid and it also means those that fail to speak the judgments and gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot say that the Bride of Christ is stupid because the Body of Christ should be in subjection, obedience, and abiding in Him. However, there are dumb dogs that do not follow Him in thought, word, and deed, and profess Christianity.

 In the Spirit and Power of Reformation 
For those of us who listened to what the spirit had to say to the church last night we were destroyed. But this is the nature of such a prophetic word. It first destroys and then builds Read Jeremiah chapter 1. The weight and power of this word still crushes me today and I pray that by Gods grace it never, never leaves me. I believe that before revival takes place we need a personal reformation and Mr Washer provides 10 TEN INDICTMENTS that are not just for corporate reflection but for personal reflection. May you listen to this message may it shake you, may you stand at the base of Mount Sinai as and see the God who Thunders The God who has smoke coming from his nostrils( Psalm 18 and 97 The God who can't be reasoned with nor explained Isaiah 40 and Ezekiel 1 The ineffable GOD. and may the blast of his horn blow calling his people to repentance and holiness and may this happen to us so that we can say as moses did to Gods people of his day Exodus 20:20 And Moses said unto the p

 Prophet for our generation 
This message speaks to the church not just in America but world over. It is a prophetic rallying cry for the Church to awaken from it's slide into apostasy.

 Shared Concerns for Christianity in Our Times 
This sermon is probably the most thorough synthesis of the issues we have discussed here on Sermonindex and have been trying to teach and preach in various settings for 5 years- all in one message. Paul captures many concerns in this most important sermon. We must return to a John 3:3 Gospel message.

 This is a Must Hear Sermon!!!! 
Can something be done about the volume? This comment has nothing to do with my title this is truly a sermon everyone needs to hear especially the pastors of this nation!!!!

A desperately needed message in this hour. Amen! May God bring that reformation and a revival with it.

This is truly a monumental message. Not one word falla to the ground. Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis to a door; the Holy Spirit nailed these 10 indictments to my heart. We thank the dear Lord for men like this, men not afraid to speak forth the burden for God's church in love.

 A 21st Century Ten Shekels and a Shirt 
This message I believe covers some of the most important issues facing the true Church of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century! This message is staggering, shocking, and sobering. There was a stunned silence for 20 minutes after the message was delivered. May God truly see fit to raise up a generation that will go back to the Old Paths of preaching true conversion, preaching against sin, and preaching on the Character of God.

Promoting Revival to this Generation.
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