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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Run For Your Life

 Run For Your Life by Carter Conlon

Topic: False Doctrine
Scripture(s): 1 Kings 18:19-21  
Description: Delivered the Sunday after the Twin Towers were attacked (9/11), this is by far one of the most powerful messages on this site. Every professing Believer should hear this heart cry from the Father. It is a powerful rebuke to superficial and worldly doctrines that have crept in to the professing Church of Jesus Christ.
Sermon Comments (14)

 thanks GOD 
when I heard this message for first time I started to cry, this message impact my life, we need more preachers like him in this generation. I am so joyfull with God for save me from hell.. thank you Jesús Son of God.. :)

This message is so important for us as a church to hear. I am excited to pass this on to other church members.

I am so thankful for the inspired Word of God being taught by Pastor Conlon. As a family, we sit down on Saturday's and listen to his teaching. We appreciate his humility and sharing stories of himself as a Pastor. My husband is a Pastor of a local church in Orange, Ca. and we need the encouragement and the challenges that Pastor Conlon brings to us as teachers and believers. Michelle Hensley

 Must Christian honor for Times Square Church 
Times Square Church has some very Godly and Holy leadership...I have enjoyed listening to their sermons and this one is definately timely.

 I cant download 
"Oops! This link appears to be broken. Suggestions: Go to sermonindex. net Search on Google:" Please I need to download this message. But the message above always comes up. Please help!

 Run For Your Life 
Carter preaches a very passionate message against modern day preachers who don’t really care about the people of god or surrendering to God. They serve only their own selfish gain. He calls them “fat, rich, shiny false prophets” who care nothing for the spiritual needs of others but only their own prosperity. He also warns Christians that if they live with a divided heart, their desire for God and their discernment and gifts will eventually be lost. Carter challenges the people to let God cut them deep and truly transform them and the congregation agrees in excitement. There are parts of the message that are preached very passionately, but it’s hard to tell what he is referring to specifically. However, if you listen long enough he indicates clearly that he is referring to the preaching of gospels that only focus on wealth, health, prosperity, self-improvement, glorification of men, and all the churches that do not preach repentance and the blood of Christ. Carter literally cries and s

 I ask for forgiveness 
I found out about this sermon in a very strange way. I made a negative comment, when I saw a part of another sermon C. Conlon. It was my mistake to listen not too well, and to jugde quick. The person who put the video on youtube was very nice, and I offered my excuse. He gave me the link to this site, and said I should listen to this sermon. I am touched by his words so much. Amen to all he said! He really is a man of God! I ask for forgiveness for my idol words. And I thank God that he blessed me with this website!

I agree with Pastor Conlon’s urgings to “pray for the Church.” Perhaps it is more important to be praying for the church in this present day than in any other period of Her history. We need to be praying for Her while it is still day; and the days are becoming shorter. Pray against a deception within the body that exalts self, that is all about appearances, and mans’ power and abilities. Pray that we too share a real burden for the true Church of Jesus Christ, and that we set aside any and all that distracts us from bearing that burden. Pray that we run for our lives away from anything that does not promote anything more than just a superficial, skin-deep type relationship with God. Pray that we run for our lives from anything that does not fear God, which is unyielded to God, which promotes division, which is unrepentant, and refuses true self-examination under the Light of God’s Word. Finally, pray that God will send His all-consuming fire that will consume all that is not of God, th

Excellent messsage, the only things that bothers me is that peole are bashing Charismatics, not all charismatics are goofy or not all evangelicals are dead. I have been missionary all over remote area where not many people are willing to go, and if wasnt for The Holy Spirit and His gifts, little work would be done through us...that is my opinion, Even myself I cannot stand where people are putting their opinion over Word of God, and they are not preaching sober message... this was just moment of inspiration...I do not mean to start debate just my opinion... We need more preachers that are full of Fear of God, and Full of The Holy Spirit..

 Truth in Brokenness 
It is clear that Brother Carter has a brokenness for those who are deceived by false movements. Few Preachers are willing to expose their vulnerabiltiy in their passion for lost souls and I thank God for the few we do have. This isn't a bully pulpit sermon but a genuine plea for a lost and dying church to come back to its first love... just Jesus Himself... LET US RESOLVE TO BE MORE TRANSFORMED AND LESS INFORMED.

 Deceiving The Very Elect 
Oh may we realize these are days that the very elect are being deceived by false prophets. Run from these men that bring glory to themselves. A excellent prophetic message on much of the confusion and chaos resulting in many churches and movements in our day. Deceiving and Being Deceived. May we not partake with them, flee, be ye separate saith the Lord!

 Decent Message, But I Questioned The Delivery 
If you are looking for an interesting exposition of 1 Kings 18 about Elijah and the prophets of Baal, you'll get it here. If you are in need of a perspective on the charismatic or populist or high-profile or preacher-centered movements, you'll get it here. Maybe because I have been well aware of the dangers in this area, I didn't find the message very gripping. I read MacArthur's Charismatic Chaos over ten years ago, an excellent work in this area. I did not feel that Carter Conlon was nearly specific enough. Much of what was presented was far too emotional for my preference, especially the last half. Also, as for a rational exposition of 1 Kings 18, I thought Conlon's interpretation and extrapolation of words went too far. But, as has been said, anything can be spiritualized, which is what the preacher does here.

Again, Pastor Carter is used mightily by our Father! Worth hearing over and over! Pastors Wilkerson and Carter are helping to prepare the faithful remnant for major evangelism! PRAISE GOD!!!

 Dear Jesus, how could I have ever believed this stuff? 
This needs to be downloaded, burned and passed out to every Christian you know who is into this type of charismania. You may save their life and all the others that they will lead astray in this sickening deception that is in the church, and loved by many. Please get this word out to as many as possible!! This is a must hear!

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