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 Church People on Broadway by Steve Gallagher

Topic: Broadway
Scripture(s): Matthew 7:13-27  
Description: Steve Gallagher delivers a very solemn message on unconverted believers in the modern church. Jesus concluded His fabulous Sermon on the Mount with four parables-each contrasting the fate of genuine saints with that of false Christians. In this powerful message, Steve vividly paints a picture of the horror psuedo-believers will experience at Judgement when they hear the terrifying words, "Depart from Me..."
Sermon Comments (7)

Thank God for men in our day that are willing to speak clearly what is truth!

 I shrink at this Message 
Thank you sir. This is powerful. Thank God

 Great message!!! 
Hi all, This is the pure gospel message,preach it and you will be very unpopular,its a worldwide problem,"Come out and be separate",thank you Sermonindex,the holy spirit is moving in our community,and you have been a great help,

 Why only in America? 
Hi Strong Truth, Firstly I confess to not having heard Steve's message the description is all that I need. I contacted a senior person in a Christian organisation requesting they bring some light to a wayward Pastor who sees sanctification as legalism. It might have been better he heard Steves sermon. The title, oh yeah, Australia is possibly the deadest country on the planet with regard to real christianity. However every church on the planet needs to hear this word of truth. We are told not to separate the sheep and the goats. However if a person preaches the message of the Lord clearly without compromise or fear of rejection from the flock then the goats will tend to "but" their way out of the church anyway. It is my contention that Pastors who are promoting life coaching or alternatives to the cross should be privately requested to get their teaching from the gospel. Then in the company of another and if not then in front of the church. But prayerfully and carefully.

 Time for Turning 
Thank You Pastor Steve for always being willing to preach the hard sayings. For allowing God to use you in such a way that causes men (such as myself) to take a hard look at their behavior and beliefs. To spur men and women on to seek and pursue Holiness over personal creature comfort. God Speed Pastor/friend...

 Strong truth 
This message needs to be preached in every church in America.

 Speaking Truth In Love.. 
This is a hard strong message against alot of easy believism preaching in America. Steven Gallagher comes with love and truth delivering this message. Are you on the broadway?

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