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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  Being What You Are - Romans 6 and Regeneration

 Being What You Are - Romans 6 and Regeneration by Paul Washer

Topic: Regeneration
Scripture(s): Romans 6  
Description: Most Christians think the Christian life is struggling to be something you’re not, when in fact it’s being what you already are: that is, a new creature in Christ. So says Paul Washer as he expounds the realities of regeneration, and what it means to be crucified with Christ, dead to sin, and alive unto God. With customary passion he contrasts the natures of people before and after conversion, and shows how the truths of Romans 6 empower believers to live according to Romans 12 (55 minutes).
Sermon Comments (2)

 Compulsory listening! 
This is one of those sermons that believers could benefit from hearing over and over again, month after month, year after year, as a constant reminder of what we ARE in Christ (as opposed to what we might only wish or hope to be). I have never heard the truths of Romans 6 preached with such clarity and power in the 40+ years of my profession of faith. And to hear the preaching of HOW we can enjoy victory over sin, and HOW we can live lives which are both pleasing and honouring to God, is not just refreshing; it is liberating, empowering, and soul-stirringly glorious!!

 Mind blowing 
This is a mind blowing sermon.Washer lays down with grphic language the true state of man before God and that the new birth is a supernatural work of God. He explains that being new creature is not what you can' do but it is who you are in Christ.Praise God.

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