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Audio Sermons : ~Other Speakers A-F : Gerhard Du Toit :  Humility VS Pride

 Humility VS Pride by Gerhard Du Toit

Topic: Pride
Scripture(s): Matthew 20:16, Psalm 75:5-7  
Description: Brother Gehard shares on the diferences between humility and pride. God lifts up the humble person. He will be highly respected by his fellow man as he is with God. Humility is the opposite of self-centred pride. If you are humble, you consider yourself the servant of others. You do not feel or act superior to others and you are not a respecter of persons.
Sermon Comments (4)

 Echo Joan 
...a comment would almost stain what was said.

 A Daily Devotional Indeed 

 lie down in green pastures 
a garden of brokeness. There is a place for this in my daily quiet time.

 Pride of Life 
Oh may God root out and expose all pride in our hearts, attitudes and life!

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