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 Agony (compilation) by Compilations

Topic: Compilation
Scripture(s): 1 Timothy 6:5  
Description: A Powerful prophetic word from Leonard Ravenhill. Oh may we pay heed to such a word, such a burden, such a clear message from God. "Sacrifice not sacrifice" Oh how we need to live the true Christian life in our day.
Sermon Comments (8)

 The message of the Hour! 
If you're going to listen to this then don't just listen to it one time and say wow, I need to do better ad move on but listen to it over and over let the Word of the Lord sink down into your ears and into your hearts and let it draw you into prayer into a greater walk and a greater relationship with the Lord. What a POWERFUL message, what a CONVICTING message, what a BURDEN. This man wasn't just saying words he lived it he breathed it he breathed it he believed if. Dear God help us to wake up and realize that our families and loved ones and the world are going to hell while we ride the coat tails of the preachers while we please the assurance of our salvation in worldly goods and in feelings and beliefs instead of the Word of God. . Help us to get into your heart and feel your agony before we face the eternal agony of hell.

 Great Encouragement 
It is so easy to get our eyes off of Jesus. May all that we do be a sweet offering to our God.

 True, so True 
Men like this make me so ashamed of the years I called myself a Christian and just done part of what I knew what was right. Thank God he has voices in the earth like this (no matter from years past) to wake up us that sleep in comfort of salvation and not labor in servanthood as these great leaders of old labored. Lord thank you for the technology that we can here these voices yet and arise out of a death sleep. Thank you

 "Preaching is not a profession, its a PASSION!!!" 
This is an incredible encouragement!! The desire and passion is lacking in many churches, this compilation will humble you and ignite a flame within you!! Listen and listen again!

This is a very good compilation from Leonard Ravenhill. It contains some staggering statements. It is a must listen to!!!

 Very Important for every Christian to hear!!! 
I think that if every christian would listen to this with an open heart it would make a big difference in their life!!

 We Need Preachers! 
We need men burdened who have felt the agony of God over lost people. Oh we need revival and we need God. "95% of us are spiritual cripples, spiritual babies."

Ravenhill was and still is a prophetic voice, may we listen, this excerpt should cause us to fall on our faces groaning.

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