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Audio Sermons : J. Edwin Orr :  The First Word of the Gospel

 The First Word of the Gospel by J. Edwin Orr

Topic: Gospel
Scripture(s): Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:15, Luke 15:10  
Description: Dr. Orr discusses the modern corruption of the word 'repent,' what the Scriptural meaning is, and discusses the Greek word that was translated into 'repent.' The main push of the message is that the gospel always begins and continues with repentance, and that the gospel preached without it is not the true gospel at all. "Now, would it not be a master stroke of the enemy of the Christian faith to take the very first word of the gospel and change its meaning...well that's exactly what's been done."
Sermon Comments (6)

Yes help me Jesus,to live in it. Good teaching indeed!

He hits the nail right on the head while remaining calm and gentle. Praise the Lord! Everyone must hear this sermon!

This message was so simple but so effective, thoroughly enjoyed it. He gave such good examples, very easy to understand & grasp. We have made a CD of it & intend to share it with others. Well worth the listen.

Practical brilliance! Orr. message on repentance was explicit, thought provaking and right on point. Orr reminded us that we need to go back to basis of the Gosple. Orr. message troubled and sterred my heart and conscience to point of my owen self-evaluations of my conversion. I need to repent.

 Sad But True 
It is depressing that so many preachers past had this same message, but one is hard pressed to find someone with this message today. Few preach on repentance now, and of these, many teach the 'I'm sorry' type of repentance. Orr is right on mark with this one, as usual.

 The First Word of the Gospel 
WOW!!! What a message! Unfortunately, I won't be able to get my pastor to listen to it, he's a very busy guy, and 54 minutes it is way too long! But I will listen to it over and over again and memorize the important parts of it, and tell it to him in person. Thank you very much!!

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