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Audio Sermons : Rolfe Barnard :  (John The Baptist Comes To Town) - Part 1 Preparatory Work

 (John The Baptist Comes To Town) - Part 1 Preparatory Work by Rolfe Barnard

Topic: John The Baptist
Scripture(s): Luke 3:1-18  
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (2)

 John the Baptist and now 
Luke 3:1-18. Rolfe compares the ministry of John the Baptist with those in America today where we try to cajole and plead and push everyone into the kingdom. He says that we know little of a real work of the Holy Spirit but when the Holy Spirit does come a real deep work of conviction will take place. The rough places must be made smooth and repentance has to take place. Preachers tody know little of this reality.

 Same mold as Ravenhill 
Rolfe Baranard was an old saint that lived roughly the time as Ravenhill. He tells it straight in love and in unction. Imagine if these radio broadcasts were played on every radio station in America today.

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