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Audio Sermons : Denny Kenaston :  The Dangers of The Christian Radio

 The Dangers of The Christian Radio by Denny Kenaston

Topic: Christian Radio
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 15:33-34, 1 Corinthians 2:14-16, Philippians 1:8-11  
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (2)

 Some Points 
I'm not trying to say this preacher is wrong, I do disagree with various points, being from a Christian Pentecostal background, but here are some points I've have some disagreement or opinions upon. -The belief that children around the age of five cannot have proper understanding of Christ. :While I do agree that it would be more difficult for a child to understand about The Lord than an adult, I believe that God can use any child for His Will. I know one time my mom was reluctant to lead my younger sister (Maybe four around the time) to Christ, but the next day, she was so thrilled to be a Christian, that my mom felt that God told her off for being reluctant. -Evils in The Cross and The Switchblade. :There was a comment made about how The Cross and The Switchblade and this one radio show called, "Unshackled". The point being is that both content contained descriptions of evil, etc...Drug abuse, immoral sexual relations. My thought here is simply that The Bible

 Difference between Religious Radio and Christian Radio 
...sounds like the speaker was listening to a "religious" radio station and NOT a "Christian" radio station... kinda like a "religious" book store and a "Christian" book store. There IS a difference!!!! "Christian" should be replaced with "religious". Heathen America IS "religious" and NOT "Christian".

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