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Audio Sermons : Jim Cymbala :  Last Day False Prophets

 Last Day False Prophets by Jim Cymbala

Topic: False Prophets
Scripture(s): 2 Peter 2  
Description: Jim Cymbala preaches about false prophets and teachers in the last times. He exposes and shows the characteristics of false teaching and the last days deception against the bible. Even if a angel or prophet came and spoke to us great things we must balance and compare it to the bible.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Good message 
Cymbala shares his passionate approach to preaching the word of God only. There are many false prophets in the last days and cymbala warns of them very clearly in this message.

 The Sword will distroy the false prophets 
The key to this message here is to know God's Word, then His people will know who these false prophets are when they speak. So many things in our daily life is attacked by this falsehood. Looks pretty, sounds sweet, feels positive, but pulls souls away from God, by drawing them unto other things rather then learning more about God, His Word, and his ways. I really enjoyed this sermon, I enjoyed that Pastor Cymbala teaches his people, I noticed this right off when he asked who had bought their Bible's, and told them they needed to bring them. More and more I see the importance of know the Bible, because more and more I see that I need it so bad in the world that we now live in. May my Sword always be at my side.

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