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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  (So Great A Salvation) Abiding In Christ

 (So Great A Salvation) Abiding In Christ by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Abiding
Scripture(s): 1 John 2:18-29  
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (6)

 What a precious Gift Our Salvation 
I Love this precious brother. His messages are always right on target. Salvation is a awesome gift. Help your saints Lord Jesus to not neglect the purpose of our salvation.

 Without abiding we cannot bear fruit to glorify the Father 
It is a great gift of God to be born of His Spirit, but in not continuing in the faith and abiding in His word and Son, Jesus Christ, we might as well be shooting ducks and not soaring along with the eagles.

 5th Evidence of Being Born of God: abiding 
From my personal notes of the message: Are you abiding in the faith you proclaimed? Are you standing? Those born of the Spirit must continue to stay in Christ/abide in Christ on the very basis on which they came to profession of faith in Christ. "Abide in me and I will abide in you." Abiding is relational and reciprocal"

I was greatly impressed and encouraged by the words of Paris in this sermon because he brought the first epistle of John to life for our time at this the end of the age.He took great care to relay both historical and present facts as pertaining to the continued uprising of antichrist...although at one point he spoke of an experience in John Wesley's experience in Savanna in the U.S. to which J. Edwin Orr's account differs.Nevertheless,what Paris Reidhead has done is alert us to the pressing concern as to the prophesied apostacy,and endorsed that we should discover the 'unction'(or anointing) of the Holy One(1 John 2:20) and not merely scripture itself to discern truth from error as believers in these last days. A very thorough,awakening delivery!

 Abiding in Christ is very important! 
Paris Reidhead is such a good preacher. Even though this message is not exactly modern, it is very important message for our time (and possibly for all time). This recording was clearer than some of the other Paris Reidhead sermons.

 Not Bad 
Decent quality recording with a good message

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