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Audio Sermons : Oswald J. Smith :  Can We Have a Revival?

 Can We Have a Revival? by Oswald J. Smith

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): 2 Chronicles 7:14  
Description: In this sermon, Oswald Smith helps us answer the question, how can we have revival today? Smith profoundly states that revival is the result of a price paid¬óit costs to have a revival. He says that we must get right with God, we must travail in prayer, we must preach the word of God, not human opinion, and we must work in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. What are you willing to do to see revival in your life? In the United States? In the world?
Sermon Comments (7)

 Great Message! 
Loved hearing all the stories about famous preachers like D.L. Moody and others. Oswald also touched on the importance of being spirit filled.

 There can be revival, Lord let it start with me 
I was challenged and encouraged and most certainly blessed by this message. I'm only 20 years old and I live in the Caribbean and I have never experienced a revival but i believe that there can be a revival and in faith I expect one. The advice given in this message has challenged me to begin to travail and to seek an anointing by the Holy Spirit. I pray that God will indeed give me and every believer a burden for the souls whether they listen to Bro.Smith's message or not. Habakkuk 2:14

 personal review with Mr. O.J. Smith 
I am a personal fan of Oswald J. Smith, and was able and blessed to escort him to the airport in Fort Wayne IN. after he held a meeting in Wynona Lake area in the 70's. I have some of his books and also his hymn books with the songs he wrote, which includes, Then Jesus Came. It was a great blessing to converse with such a saint as this. it has helped me to stay on fire for God for spreading the gospel of Christ these past years, and I am still active as a radio evangelist with The Alarming Truth Broadcast which is aired over 11 radio stations in the U.S. I believe anyone can stay on fire for God if they will but stay close to the real fire of the Holy Spirit, and live above the world and sin through being truly consecrated to Christ and His cause, which is the only place to find perfect rest for the soul. Revival of the soul is each Christian's own personal responsebility, if we slide back, it is our own fault, not the plan of God. God Bless His work and people with Holy Spirit reviv

 Unction in Revival Preaching 
What we need is more preachers who are willing to pay the price for Revival. Confession, travail in prayer, brokeness and contrition. The "divines" of ages past, said of Spirit-indwelt preachers that they had the unction... we need preachers with Unction. This sermon by Bro. Smith brings back memories of unction filled preachers.

 Great Sermon 
Really enjoyed the sermon, how important is it, that we have not only infilling of the Holy Spirit but also the anointing of the Holy Spirit & are expectant for Him to move.

What an insight to hear these words from Oswald Smith. Men like Smith, Tozer, Reidhead, Truett, and others spoke with such wisdom and anointing.

 We can have revival beloved! 
This is a powerful message by this watchman of the faith in Canada. He tasted and saw genuine revival in his day and never was satisfied with anything else. Oh that we would see God until we had revival.

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