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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  The Redeemer is Coming to Zion

 The Redeemer is Coming to Zion by David Wilkerson

Topic: False Teachers
Scripture(s): Isaiah 59:20, Isaiah 59:14-15  
Description: Dating from late 1982 and given to a Canadian gathering, this sermon is a cry against the shallow, me-first "gospel." The true Gospel of repentance and intimacy is presented forcefully: "some of the greatest men the world has ever seen are going to stand there [the judgment] naked and have nothing." The starting point is the text of Isaiah 59 and 60. (The powerful file "Another Gospel" is taken from the middle portion of this sermon.)
Sermon Comments (2)

this was given in 1982. now look around what some of the prominent prosperity teachers have as assets. multi-million dollar homes, two or three vacation homes, private planes, multiple high-priced cars, their own colleges that they use for personal profit, the list goes on. If prosperity-word faith teachings did what only the few rich preachers say and promise, multiples would be healed and many would be wealthy. the 'feel good gospel' is false and delusional. Pastor Wilkerson tells it like it is by not cherry picking the gospel but by giving a sober and spirit filled word that keeps the focus on Christ.

Wilkerson is on fire here, what a message and a rebuke...

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