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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Beware of the Angry Watchmen

 Beware of the Angry Watchmen by Carter Conlon

Topic: Watchmen
Scripture(s): Song of Solomon 2:1-10, James 1:14, Song of Solomon 5:6-7  
Description: October 28, 2007 - There is a false revival on the rise. It is the rise of the angry watchman who will cast stones at those who have gone astray from the Lord. This false revival consists of ministers who have led people away from the truth through legalism and a misguided prosperity gospel. They will forbid and command prodigals not to come into the presence of God until you work your way back into His favor through human effort and religion. We must not remove the veil from the bride of Christ. We have a righteousness that can not be taken away from us because Jesus is our veil.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Grateful for this warning 
I have seen angry watchmen in action. They take the Word of God and hammer people over the head with it. You can quickly tell not only did they not study out what they are preaching, they miss the mark completely. They read Scriptures and then preach their "opinions". They wound, maim, and drive people out of the church, battered, bruised and hurting. I praise God for this message is so greatly needed!!! For those who are in the Bride, and have sat under this, and have been made feel unlovely, unworthy, and discouraged, this message is a healing balm of gilead that will help bind up some of the wounds inflicted by the religious legalist who misrepresents God to the people.

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