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 Show Me Your Glory by Gareth Evans by Revival Conference Canton 2007

Topic: Revival Conference
Scripture(s): Exodus 3:1-6  
Description: Gareth Evans shares many testimonies of revival experiences in his life. And it culminates in the passionate plea to God "show me your glory." This is the hunger that all true christians yearn for ultimately. God has a place of glory and overcoming life in the spirit filled holy life.
Sermon Comments (5)

What a stirring message Pastor Evans gave at the revival conference. He has an enthusiasm for God and revival that is contagious! Praise God for men such as he! 'Fan the flame, Lord!'

there were many great parts to this, but I was driving my truck, weeping and crying out to God when Bro.Gareth began to talk about starting to use this site and eventually called other speakers up to lay hands on Greg. I told my wife a while ago that something had gotten ahold of Greg because of the intensity of writings etc. I am very thankful for God's moving among His people. He is faithful.

 Amen ... 
--- i love this conveyance and widh i could rate it 7 stars ... i can't call it a sermon because it's not formal ... No pre-set way, form or fashion of delivery ... Just real ... As an American i wonder why it's brothers/pastors from other shores that speak to my spirit in ways i don't hear from any American pastors i know of ... i'd say the closest to the "warmth factor" is Charles Stanley, but even he doesn't stir my heart and longing for REVIVAL as say this brother, bro Daniels, and others who seem to call a spade a spade regarding the speciousness of all things American ... God help me for being so guilty of longing to see what this pastor longs to see also - what some have come to call our idol of REVIVAL ... God help us ---

 A very Godly Man 
One of the Godliest men I've ever met. His text has always been one of my favorites from the the life of Moses. Oh that we might all get the burden of God in our hearts to see His glory and may He give us more Godly men like brother Evans.

 A Fire In the Belly! 
Brother Gareth surely has a kindled fire in his belly, you can heart and feel it as he preaches about revival. May we all get "such" a hunger for God in these last days.

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