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 The Danger Of Complacency Don Currin by Revival Conference Canton 2007

Topic: Revival Conference
Scripture(s): Amos 6:1-7  
Description: Don Currin preaches a sermon on the topic of "complacency" that really points to a modern day christianity that does not live in the live and reality of God. This is a sobering warning to the Church of Jesus Christ. This is a wake up call to Church in North America.
Sermon Comments (3)

This message is one that stamps Eternity upon your heart. Please listen to this message Brother Don had some God inspired points that we need to apply to our daily lives. I loved the part where he talked about living for eternity.

 Sleeping thru the Smoke Alarm ... 
--- This sermon reminds me greatly of a response bro Rookie gave me out of Amos regarding a question i had on Forum about our (America's) reaping of correction ... This is a real warning message, actually to me more like a last minute warning message ... i feel great sadness from this message, mainly because in it's setting it's like preaching to the choir, folk already on board, when if only it was being preached in so many places it's really needed ... Brother Currin's message toward the end speaks of our being pro-actively repentant, when from my view the greater majority of us will be re-actively repentant in His corrective chastening ... The last word he spoke about being careful not to go off into apostasy because of not seeing God "work" in the way we want to see him work really spoke to me ... i don't see renunciation of my faith anywhere in my future at all, but we've all got to be careful of what can happen to us when we take our eyes off Him, we begin to sink, t

 Strong Staggering Words 
Don Currin preaches this sermon with unction from above, showing clearly the declension we see in the modern day church and the utmost need for genuine gospel preaching. We have "lost" the gospel and have made God's gospel, man's version of God's gospel for man's ends and purposes. Oh may we begin to build once again on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ with the power of God not the ingenuity of man!

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