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Audio Sermons : ~Other Speakers M-R : Revival Conference Canton 2007 :  Let Me Not See My Wretchedness by Carter Conlon

 Let Me Not See My Wretchedness by Carter Conlon by Revival Conference Canton 2007

Topic: Revival Conference
Scripture(s): Numbers 11:10-35  
Description: Carter Conlon delivers a very powerful message on the great need for personal revival in these last days. We need to realize our great need to confess our sinfulness and the need for the righteousness of Christ. We can only be agents of revival and be filled with Christ when we fully surrender to God.
Sermon Comments (5)

 Ignorance Ain't Bliss ... 
--- i found this also to be a great sermon for me take a good long and close look in His spiritual mirror at myself ... Bro Conlon also talks about the sins of the American church, the false gospel of prosperity we've imported even to the poorest of nations, and the religious games we've come to play under our Laodicean blindness ... God help us ---

I'm somewhat at a loss for words in trying to describe this God filled message. Brother Conlon gets right at the heart of what keeps us as God's children from entering into all that God intended the Christian life to be. Let us all let God deal with those things might hinder us from going all the way with God.

 Mega Sermon 
This sermon is a mega sermon

 Moving sermon 
I was fortunate enough to be there when Carter Conlon delivered this message. It was the highlight of the Revival Conference 2007 for me, and challenged me to examine my heart, or rather ask the Lord to examine it and reveal to me areas that need correction.

Brother Conlon preached with great authority and unction. Oh how we need more gospel preachers to proclaim the truth of God in this perverse generation. We all need to enter into a fulness of God's righteousness upon us. God is willing, may we not hinder God by our unbelief.

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