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 Lord I Praise You by Canaan Hymns

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 the mp3 quality 
I have seen the film about the Canaan Hymns (from for at least 20 times and I also have been listening carefully to all these 30 songs you have stored here from the Canaan Hymns. Some of these songs I have played a 50 times. This song wich you have called "Lord I Praise You" (and wich I rather would call "What I may need" because that sounds like what they are singing) may have a tecnical dissorder. If I listen carefully to the base-tones in this recording I can hear that the base-tones sounds unstabile. I think this unstability must come from the application you have used to convert this song from CD to mp3-format. Would it be possible to make this better? During the mp3 convertion you probably have options for alternative compression technics that may give a better sound on the base-tones.

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