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 Living to Please God by Alan Martin

Topic: Pleasing God
Description: This message caused some to shrink back at the sovereign severity of God. Is the kingdom of heaven worth giving all or not? Some seemed to shrink back from the assertion that God will only allow into His eternal rest those who He found pleasing to Himself. This message speaks of the biblical aspect of personal responsibility to search out, receive wisdom, and walk worthy of the calling we have received. There seems to be a voice out there that raises the question, " but isn't there a place in heaven for the less than full hearted?" It seems that some have forgotten the "evil" of willful neglect, and humanized the love of God down to the degraded level of a loving grandpa who although might be disappointed with our lack of progress, never really had any intention of rejecting any of those who made some kind of attempt to do what is right. It frightens me when I consider the stark reality that awaits countless multitudes who will awake to an eternal separation from God and see their self deluded dream of heaven vanish into the flaming judgment of Hell. They will be shocked that their self created fantasy of what an acceptable walk with God so utterly deceived themselves.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Consider Carefully. 
Alan Martin Comments: "Please listen and consider carefully as to whether or not "spiritual infancy" caused by and continued by "neglect" will have an eternal consequence rather than merely a lesser reward. There are multitudes who seem to have based their hope on getting to heaven with fewer rewards than the wholehearted saints who bore much fruit. Those of this mind set would have the end of the 10 virgins story go this way. "Arriving at the gate the nervous but excitedly tardy virgins knock and wait for entrance. The master of the banquet is called and notified of their late arrival. He goes to the gate opens it to the foolish virgins and lovingly chides them for not having given more forethought about the necessity of oil. Expressing his dissapointment, He then smiles and says that although they have lost the opportunity for the best seats and some of the best food, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the celebration. After all, better late than never."

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