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 Covetousness, The Sin of Our Time by Stephen Jones

Topic: Covetousness
Scripture(s): 1 Timothy 6:6-12  
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (4)

 Provocative message 
A great message, needed badly in our days of "Prosperity is Godliness" teaching.

 Covetousness is idolatry 
This sermon was eye-opening and very convicting. Dr. Jones said, "The first sin on earth was not of taking and eating. It was the heart's indulgence of covetousness. Desiring something more than God is His Providence has allotted to us... Dissatisfaction with our circumstances. Dissatisfaction with our possessions. Dissatisfaction at it's root is telling God, "It's not good enough. I need more." He quoted this from Richard Swenson (in 1995), "There are about 210 countries in the world and every year Americans spend more on trash bags that the gross domestic product of 90 of those countries." We spend more on things to hold the stuff we throw away as junk than 90 countries produce in a year." Wow. It is a very thought out, well researched Biblical sermon that every single American Christian needs to listen to and hear.

 Very Good Sermon 
This was a great sermon!

This message needs to be preached in more churches.

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