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 Justification: A Full Slate by John Murray

Topic: Justification
Description: The fundamental error respecting religion is to claim acceptance with God by what we are or do; nothing is more characteristic of us by nature than to think that way; living an outwardly decent life and being a member of the church are a matter of what we are or do, and cannot bring us acceptance with God; 1) The first thing the truly blessed man thinks of is that he deserves God's damnation because of his sin; 2) the blessed man is not only conscious of his sin, but has pled for God's gracious forgiveness. 3) The blessed man trusts in a free justification; justification is much more than forgiveness, because it is more than blotting out debt and giving us a clean slate; justification means acceptance with God, giving us a positive credit, a full slate, found in the righteous obedience of Christ laid to our account.
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