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 Holy Scripture by John Murray

Topic: Scripture
Description: All Scripture is God's mouth, his living voice; Scripture is as if we heard God speaking from heaven in an audible voice, but is more certain because it is a permanent deposit available to all; Scripture addresses three of the most important things in our lives: truth, error and right; Scripture corrects, because it is for our redemption; those who think biblical doctrine is cold and dead are themselves dead; if we are not interested in God's will for us, we are godless; if preaching is not negative, it is not the gospel, which is against evil and wrong; we must be alert to resist wrong; many would appeal to the happiness of children rather than to what is right, but Paul based his exhortation to children on a consideration of what is right; the only happiness worthy of the name is the fruit of righteousness; the man of God is one who lives for God; Scripture is sufficient to guide us in any situation we face.
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