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 Temptation by John Murray

Topic: Temptation
Description: The word tempt can mean 1) to prove or try, or 2) to instigate someone to sin (vs. 12 of this text), or 3) to fall into sin (vs. 14); if we do not appreciate fine distinctions we will not appreciate truth: God has foreordained whatever comes to past, and that includes sin, else God would not be God, but he is not in the least responsible for our falling into sin, because we are lured by our own evil desires; as soon as we acquiesce in the tempter's claims, we have gone astray; the essence of piety is to lay all the blame on our own heart's lusts; there is an inevitable law that if we live after the flesh we shall die; if we dilly-dally with temptation it is because we like temptation; the blessed man who endures temptation gives no sympathetic entertainment to sin; Job 23 points up the resistance Job offered to temptation; temptation is powerless as long as we do not give it our consent; young people need the almighty arm of the Redeemer who himself resisted temptation.
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