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Audio Sermons : J. Edwin Orr :  The Awakening of 1792 Onward

 The Awakening of 1792 Onward by J. Edwin Orr

Topic: Revival History
Description: Preached at the Church on the Way in Van Nuys. Orr describes the "unparallelled moral slump" that preceded the Second Great Awakening starting in 1792, so bad that churches were in fear that Christianity might be wiped out. Jonathan Edwards and others called for "extraordinary prayer." A union of churches began praying, with Boston seeing the beginnings of revival in 1792 and general national revival by 1798. James McGrady asked his congregants to pray for him in 1799, and showers of blessing came in 1800 on the Kentucky frontier. Out of this revival missionary societies began and colleges became training centers for young pastors and missionaries.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Prayer - the least we can do 
This is great encouragement of how prayer touches the heart of God to show Himself mighty. One cannot marvel at the gracious influence praying saints have with a Father in heaven to turn the hearts of young people and old sinners alike. Orr closed by saying, "Prayer is the least we can do to bring about a spiritual awakening in our time."

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