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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  The Wall is Down

 The Wall is Down by David Wilkerson

Scripture(s): Ezekiel 13  
Description: David Wilkerson preaches this stirring message in a Camp Meeting for the Church of God (Cleveland, Tn.). This is a must hear for every Pastor and leader in every church across the world. God has been sending out clear warnings from many years of the need for the church to be seperate unto him in all holiness. Will we hear the call today?
Sermon Comments (2)

 I do not agree with all of this message 
at the 21:30 minute mark Wilkerson says "when I see young people backsliding, I see children going to hell, I know there is a parent or grandparent not walking in covenant with God" He then goes onto to say for 'parents not to come ask for prayer for their kids that are backsliding that they instead should go home and get rid of their idols.' I've been very blessed over the years by Wilkerson and TSC ministers. But on this I must say Wilkerson is in error. I'm writing this for the sake of parents who are living for Jesus and for some reason their child has gone astray. It is not always the parents fault. (See Ezekiel 18)

 A Strong Warning! 
Wilkerson warns the church of God movement to dash their idols to dust so that they can be used of God. The principle applies to saints of God in all generations and movements. May God put a wall of "holiness" in our movements and churches. Hear this warning and take heed.

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