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Audio Sermons : T. Austin Sparks :  The Riches of Christ in Relation to Warfare

 The Riches of Christ in Relation to Warfare by T. Austin Sparks

Topic: Warfare
Description: This message was delivered on 07/23/1966 at Atlantic States Christian Convocation (Wabanna) 1966.
Sermon Comments (1)

This is NOT T.Austin Sparks, but Stephen kaung. He used to preach at the same conferences with Brother Sparks, so I can see how this could happen. Nevertheless, it is a marvelous short, (only about 20 minutes or so) encouragement to to appropriate by faith Him that fights our battles for us, and has victory over the enemy. Inspiring. He lifts up Christ's life as an example, that He was tested and contested throughout His life. He alone has overcome, and through his riches, we will overcome. (Not on our own strength).

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