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Audio Sermons : Rolfe Barnard :  God's Bloodhound

 God's Bloodhound by Rolfe Barnard

Topic: Misconceptions
Scripture(s): Luke 16:19-31  
Description: Rolfe Barnard speaks with power and authority against many misconceptions and falsities found in the Church of Jesus Christ. He takes us on a journey to hell with Abraham too see that hell is eternal and everlasting. This sermon will move and impact you for eternity.
Sermon Comments (4)

 Delivering truth with power 
Sometimes as i listen to preaching i wonder why the preacher didn't match the quality of the material with a quality delivery...this message by Rolfe Barnard is superb in its delievery and content. Also its challenges which are spoken are riddled all through the message. A MUST LISTEN.!!!

 rolfe's own personal testimony and how it relates to our God and Father 
if you thought this message is hell fire and brimstone it sure is. but before he goes on to expound upon scriptures according to the HOLY GHOST, brother Rolfe shares the tenderness and love of God in such a fashion i have never heard before, through a story in his own personal life. somebody in the forums said "he shrank" when he heard that particular story, well i wept at that story. i won't ruin it for you. it's about 10-15 min inside the preaching. if your heart is not ready to listen to the rest of the message, i beg you, just listen to that story and meditate upon it.

 Powerful Sermon! 
Brother Rolfe speaks with authority as he shares the awesome and terrible reality of hell. This recording will stir you to think of the fact that people "perish" outside of Christ.

 I want to take you on a tour of hell with Abraham 
I was trembling when I first heard this sermon! We need to see the faces of men and women in hell. We need to hear their horrifying cries. We need to see their awful shame and damnation. Can you see their faces on fire? Can you see the smoke ascending up forever from their burnings? Can you hear them praying, "Water! Just one drop! My tongue, It's on fire!" Can you hear them scream, "The harvest is past. The summer is ended, and we're not saved!" How often do you open up the scriptures and allow the spirit of God take us on a tour of hell?

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