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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  Purity In A Wicked Age

 Purity In A Wicked Age by David Wilkerson

Topic: Pure Heart
Scripture(s): Proverbs 16:6  
Description: David Wilkerson contends for purity in the midst of a wicked, perverse age where the world is encroaching the Church of the living God. There is a need to maintain purity in these days so that the Lamb of God will be glorified in the lives of Christians and the Gospel would have a testimony in this wicked age.
Sermon Comments (12)

 Deeply moving 
I was deeply moved - awakened really to the spiritual battle that we are in today, especially men of God who are assaulted by the sexual emphasis of our cultural. Gripping and sobering. Prayer and running to Him for help in these battles is our only hope.

Awesome message. The fear of God has to be in our hearts and on our minds every minute of the day while passing through this sin infested world. I pray that more pastors will preach more messages like this in accordance to the will of God.

 A Real Blessing 
This massage has really been moving me. May the Lord continue to speak through brother David and to bless those who are hungry and thirsty to hear the truth, and awaken those who are not.

 Must Listen! 
This is no watered-down, man-made sermon. It punches to the heart with the power of the Spirit! Thank God for his word. Heart purity is what God requires and may God bless Pastor Wilkerson as a servant of Christ, the Most High God!

 Fear of God! 
Evangelical Christianity needs a re-apprhension of the biblical apostolic fear of God. Oh that God show Himself in all His character to this generation of evangelicals that we could walk in purity and holiness before Him and this lost and dying world.

 It's for a time as this... 
God has moved me to seek Him more through this message. It's for a time like this that we need to maintain a pure heart within all this caos

 The Need to maintain a pure heart 
fantastic message!!! REALLLLY REALLLLY good. its gives u a reality check as to how farrr we are from having pure and righteous lives. everyone should listen to this!

 A MUST listen! 
In a world that so easily distracts - this is a MUST listen for any Christian.

 Absolutely life-changing! 
If I could have given this a 10-star rating, I would have! I can't overemphasize the power of this message. It is an absolute necessity for the Church. I agree with Pastor Dave: the fear of God is missing from mankind. This message has changed my life. It's one I will remember always. It is worth your time. Please listen!

 Sobering Message! 
By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the LORD men depart from evil. A must listen to message...a much needed message for the church today.

 Are We Tempting Christ? 
I have to agree with previous comment "Amazing" Amazing Truth !!! Revelation Truth on the Fear of God! As men and women of God called to bear the ark of the Anointing, the Glory of God please listen to this message.

 A must!!! 
Completely amazing...

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