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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  A Great Apostasy

 A Great Apostasy by David Wilkerson

Topic: Apostasy
Scripture(s): 2 Thessalonians 2:1, Isaiah 30  
Description: nil
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 Great Humble Message About Today's Church 
David Wilkerson's message 'A Great Apostasy' gave me hope and encouragement in a time when it seems that many Christians and churches confuse Jesus and what He did on the cross with 20th century psychology of 'self esteem' and prosperity. 'Watchmen on the tower' are gifted by God and the Holy Spirit to warn others, but are often mocked and contradicted by others. Often, we fail to realize that God's creation and perception of time does not match our sense of time. Just looking at the prophecies of the Bible, the prophets used what seems to us as 'cryptic' references of time as given by God. But, we all need to still take heed to the 'watchmen on the tower' today and not give up because someone uses words like 'soon', and 'in the near future.' Remember God is patient and gives us a 'grace' period to repent and change our ways, but the warnings given will still be fulfilled in action eventually. That's where 'faith' comes in and without 'hope', apostasy sets in.

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