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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  Not to Be Wasted

 Not to Be Wasted by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Grace Of God
Scripture(s): John 3:16  
Description: Starting from John 3:16, we find that the word "perish" means far more than we might first expect. God does not desire that any life be wasted and become as refuse, but that all men live abundantly in the purpose for which they were created. The grace of God provides the way of escape for His children. When we embrace the will of God it is not in just a moment of surrender, but a lifetime.
Sermon Comments (4)

 Plans we have disrupted 
The first time I ever listened to Paris Reidhead was his "Ten Shekels and a Shirt" a number of years ago. I can relate fully to "Not To Be Wasted," today. The God who saved us, and redeemed us through His Son Jesus desires us completely so He can fully utilize us; and the Spirit through this sermon extolls, reverberates, and pleads with us to place ourselves on the not waste this precious life He has given to glorify God, and save others.

 ReThinking the Oh-So Familiar 
Brother Reidhead concentrates on the word "perish" from John 3.16, and I was all the more edified by him thus doing so. "Hell" is God's "im-"penitentiary due to the moral gravitation in the human spirit. Christ died to save us from being victims of attitudes and habits, from being wasted in the death throes of dedicated human personality. God's blessings.

 With Whole Hearted Surrender We Must Die...We Are NOT Nouns 
It is all or nothing! Listening to this message and allowing the Holy Spirit to pierce His Word into our hearts holds us accountable from this moment on, to not waste so much as one word, one action, one expression, one moment, on anything less than that which Glorifies God!!!

This sermon describes the problem of one who knows the Lord and his mercy and grace that was exemplified on the cross, and yet does not press on in his/her relationship with the Lord, and thus "wastes" his life and does not give God the glory that he deserves. This sermon opened up my eyes to this so evident truth. Paris Reidhead is flowing with wisdom!!!! listen to this and you will be spurred on.

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