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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  If You Agree

 If You Agree by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Body Of Christ
Scripture(s): Matthew 18:19-20  
Description: Your understanding of the Christian Life, and especially your prayer life, will be challenged and revolutionized by this message. You will never hear this text again without remembering this powerful exposition of God's Word. From Matthew 18:19-20. What does it mean to pray/live/gather "in Jesus' name"? In this sermon, we look at what it truly means to be in unity with Christ and his Body. We find that there are five different groups in the organized church:

1) Those who have met the "forgiving Christ." That is, they have "accepted Jesus" primarily to escape hell, suffering, and punishment.
2) Those who have met the "utilitarian Christ." That is, they have found that God can help them get what they need -- their whole interest in Christianity is that they should be taken care of by faith.
3) Those who have met the "status-giving Christ." These have joined the Church because they wanted fellowship and to be around the people. Position within the group is also typically very important within this group, and any achievement is hailed as part of the "glory of God."
4) Those who have met the "emotion-satisfying Christ." Their whole purpose in Christianity and religion is to satisfy their emotional needs. They look for everything that will make them laugh, cry, or both.
5) Those "who have met the Holy God and the Sovereign Christ." They have seen their terrible sinfulness and have known forgiveness, their prayers have been answered, they have found status as God's Children, and they have been filled with the Joy of God. But in addition to all this, this group is living only for God's glory and to walk according to the Cross. Only this fifth group is the true Church of God.

Any attempt to revive or unite all five groups will fail, but the fifth group can truly be one and bring glory to God.
Sermon Comments (9)

Not to sound redundant or anything, but I thought just the same thing when I listened to it, it is every bit as good as "Ten Shekels and a Shirt" and almost a little more so as he challenges men to prayer and the discipline and most importantly to awakening! His words ring so true in this our time, and we must thank God for His mercy of sparing us this long from the wrath which is to come. If it was this true when Bro. Paris preached it, then how much more today? Wonderful message.

 ....In His Name 
I'm God be the glory....this must be heeded more than once, this anointed sermon, this engraved treatise. A worthy companion piece to "Ten Shekels and a Shirt". God's blessings.

Bro Reidhead passionately calls his hearers to an honest evaluation of their level of commitment to Christ, His Lordship and His glory as the goal and basis of all unity in prayer.

I think this is as good as "Ten Shekels and a Shirt". Its only about 40 minutes but it surely is powerful. The written description above is excellent. Blessings Robert

 Groups 1-4 vs Group 5 
This sermon has opened up my understanding. My life is changed dramatically because of this message!

 Five groups 
I know I have been in all five groups at times in my life. My heart is moved to continue to walk with the Lord as one of the true believers who have sacrificed all for Him who gave all for me.

Thank God, for this powerful and truthful word!

This sermon will ring true in every heart that has truly set out to serve the Lord. How necessary is it to have a ministry that is united as one, with hearts all set on the glory of God, yet how often is this not the case. This sermon will ignite your heart and open your eyes to the problem that exists in the world of evangalism today. listen to it, its awesome.

 God's Glory 
This sermon is every bit as meaningful as "ten shekles and a shirt" it will speak to your heart if not change it as well.

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