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 The Lord's Day by Aaron Hurst

Topic: Sabbath
Description: Sunday is becoming another ordinary day in today's society. While we are not required to keep the Old Testament sabbath, the principles of it still apply to us today. Those who don't set aside a day for the Lord don't prosper spiritually. Don't let the cares of life distract you on the Lord's Day. Our focus should be on the Lord, not our own pleasure.
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 Honoring God's Day 
Why would one think that God cares nothing about His 4th Commandment? That is absurd. Jesus' custom was to worship on the Sabbath; so was the Apostle Paul's. (Acts 13, 17, 18) Sabbath(Saturday) "IS" the Lord's Day. "the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath" There is no such thing as one in seven days--just pick one! God already has picked one--it is the seventh and it always will be-for His Word is eternal. Don't fall into satan's deception and believe a lie. Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God. Rom 10:17 It is a sin to dishonor God's Sabbath-just as the rest of His Commandments are sin to break. Sin, my friends, will keep you out of His Kingdom- for NO sin will enter in. God does one of two things with sin. He forgives it upon repentance, or He destroys it. A born again person will honor God's law, not rebel against it. Read Ps 119, all 176 verses; you will find out what David found out about God's law. It is a law of love, protection, and wisdo

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