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 (Biographies) Adoniram Judson by John Piper

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 Suffering and glory. 
Excellent message. Amazing dedication of Judson for Christ and for the salvation of the lost. I was humbled by his example. What sufferings he underwent. His depression and decline in faith encouraged me - God can and will restore us from our doubts. It was also a sad thing I observed when I listened: in many moments, when Piper was in fire and serious about great things, some from the listeners were laughing. What superficiality!

 Amazing & Humbling 
This is an amazing sermon. He was so willing to give his all for Jesus. He was totally committed to Jesus & His gospel. So many of us would have given up. My husband & I cried. His 3 wives were amazing women also.

Totally worth the time. I want to be a missionary, but this is very sobering.

This is Piper at his best. A masterful blend of "expository exultation" and biography, this sermon will break your heart and just might change your life. In Piper's own words from this sermon, "you don't have to have any extraordinary gift to know that the word of the risen, all authority of Christ, coming from this mouth right now is straight into your heart..." Indeed it is. This is FIRE!!!

What an inspiration!

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